Optima Partners

Taxation Services

Optima Partners see taxation planning as crucial to the success of our business and personal tax clients. Taxation is an aspect often met with ambiguity because of the complex issues and processes involved. Businesses have distinct requirements, from preparation of tax returns to strategic planning and other related processes, such as business bookkeeping.

Here at Optima Partners, we understand the growing need for highly efficient taxation processes for budding businesses. With our experience in the small and medium business sector, we specialise in effective tax structuring of business. We can also give advice on the tax implications of the purchase or sale of any business assets.

Some people who are new in running a business are less aware of the implications in investing in new equipment, applications, or additional office spaces.  Our professional advice can help such people realize the pros and cons of such financial investments before making any purchase. We are also specialists in the CGT area and accessing all CGT concessions. These are just some of the many Optima Partners’ taxation services:

  • Preparation of Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning
  • Capital Gains Tax Advice
  • GST and BAS
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Superannuation Guarantee Charge
  • Assistance with Business Bookkeeping (incl. MYOB, Reckon & Xero)

Our team of accounting professionals who have been in practice for many years will help you with your taxation needs. With Optima Partners, the job will be completed conveniently and with high quality. When you need one or more of these services, you can contact or set an initial appointment with us.