Beware the top end

So often it is the case that the ‘top end of town’ is furthest from ‘the coal face’. I’ve recently read a great example of exactly this point.

To give you some context to the situation, a Melbourne mid-tier firm, GMK Partners, has recently merged with Big 4 big 4accounting firm Deloitte, further reducing competition in the accounting market. When speaking of the merger in an interview with the press, a Deloitte Partner expressed the view that smaller accounting firms were unable to access sufficient capital to attract and retain talent and to sufficiently invest in technology. I could not disagree more.

My overwhelming experience of late is that capital expenditure has little or nothing to do with either. Most good accountants are looking for work/life balance, workplaces that speak to Gen Y and solutions to the ‘glass ceiling’. Money is not their major motivator. As for technology, capital expenditure is irrelevant. My slogan is “if the price isn’t quoted in $ per month per user, it isn’t modern tech”.

Optima Audit Pty Ltd attracts and retains great talent by offering first class work/life balance including free licence to work from home and the abolishing of the 8:30 to 5, Monday to Friday work requirements. We also are able to deploy industry leading technology that is entirely SAAS cloud based and 100% accessible from smart phones. No servers and no IT guys.

 Beware the top end – it pays to keep one’s head during times of change, and I am not so sure the top end of town has properly learnt the latest game plan.

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Michael Cooper


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