EMBRACE CHANGEembracing change

The other day my brother showed me a quote from Lou Holtz which goes like this

Don’t tell your problems to people: eighty percent don’t care, and the other twenty percent are happy you have them’.

I think Lou might be right in his observations, so I then went onto the internet to see if he had any other opinions. It seems to me that he is ‘Spot On’ and I would like to share some of his ideas with you and see if you also agree.

  •  These days people talk about “Rights & Privileges” whereas years ago it was all about ‘obligation and your responsibilities’.
  • If you looked at the top companies 50 years ago and look at the top companies today, you will notice that they are not the same companies, why?
  • A person needs change. But people don’t always change to meet the needs of these people.
  • To remain competitive – you need to satisfy the needs of the customer better than anyone else could.
  • We need to embrace change, you can’t win without change.
  • We need to embrace change, when change is necessary for success.
  • We need to be dreamers, to have a vision: motivate and inspire people.
  • You can’t just go through life cruising along, maintaining what you have. If you stop being a hunter, you become the hunted.
  • If we stop striving for excellence, then we become mediocre and others take the lead and we fall behind.
  • These days if you don’t keep up with technology and stay ahead of the pack you get left behind.

Therefore it is necessary to embrace change and move ahead with the times. Otherwise you risk being a spectator and not a participant.

So just to reiterate: ‘We all need to embrace change’.

Sometimes we may not be sure which way is the right path to take, if in doubt and you need an unbiased opinion, please do not hesitate to contact Optima Partners on 08 6267 2200.

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