Ethics in technology

Ethics in technology – there is a trend towards consumers using businesses who can demonstrate they are ethically sound. They are modifying their spending behaviour to reduce their environmental footprint, for example avoiding brands with poor “green” reputations. This pattern has continued despite the global financial crisis and the subsequent economic downturn.

tree in handsWe live in an amazing age where a 100 page document can be sent from Osborne Park to Newcastle in a few seconds. An age where forms can be digitally completed and signed, without a pen ever touching our hands! We should all take advantage of this time (and space) saving technology where possible. Even the additional electricity required to run computers a little longer to do all this can be offset with a carbon footprint.

Most new accounting software packages allow receipts and invoices to be uploaded and attached within the program, which means no more misplaced invoices. It also makes finding invoices a breeze come tax or audit time.

A significant number of invoices and documents such as bank statements, are now issued online in PDF, rather than through the post. These can be attached straight into your accounting program, saving on paper, ink, staples, lever-arch files and so on. Some programs can even be linked directly to your bank account, making month end reconciliations even easier!

By utilising the technologies available, you not only save your business time and money, you also help reduce landfill and minimise your company’s carbon footprint. Talk to your accountant about the options available to you and how they can help make your working life easier and greener!

Contributed by

Alana Thomas – Auditor,

Optima Audit, March 2015


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