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Last week my brother-in-law had to undergo surgery. It was a planned surgery and considered quite routine by the surgeon. He should have been in and out in just a few days, home and rested and then returning to work.

What we didn’t know when he went in for the surgery, was how much everything was about to change.

His body did not agree with the operation. Two days after he had the operation, he found himself back in surgery trying to find out what was happening. Two hours later he found himself in intensive care, with a long list of things going wrong. He would spend the next 5 days in ICU.

protect insuranceYesterday, he came out of ICU. You’re probably sitting there thinking “well that’s great!”.  You’re right, it is great. However, this is the start of a very long road for his recovery.

It’s very likely to be several weeks, if not months.

This is a massively stressful time for our family. While we are all trying to band together and provide some support, it’s been a very difficult time and it’s far from over. Instead of returning to work when he should have been, my brother-in-law will now be fighting to get well. Instead of my sister-in-law picking him up from hospital after the operation and returning to work, she’s now sitting in a room keeping her husband company, whilst traveling back and forward to deal with their young family at home.

This is early days and we hope that things turn around quickly, that he begins to recover and life can return to normal. If things don’t go this way, then this is the exact time that you don’t want financial stress. This is the exact time you will wish that you took out that insurance and filled in that pesky, long application form. This is the time when you say “I know I complain about paying those premiums, but I’m so glad we did!”.

It’s when your family is at their most vulnerable that you won’t want to be worrying about money.

You can’t plan everything. But you can make sure you’re prepared for when things don’t turn out how you planned.

Make sure you contact us if you feel this is something you need to consider.

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Shannon Bennett

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