PPSR – Personal Property Securities Register

personal properties securities register

 Personal Property Securities Register  (PPSR)

In other words ‘Goods/assets debt register’

Did you know that in 2012 a new law established a national online register, which replaced a range of Commonwealth, state and territory registers – such as vehicle security registers like REVS and the ASIC Register of Company Charges.

This register can protect you against common transactions when:

• Buying;
• Selling;
• Leasing or hiring out goods; or
• Selling valuable goods on consignment.

So basically, you can search the register to check whether the valuable goods you want to buy are free from existing financed debt and safe from possible repossession.


When selling on retention of title or consignment, or hiring or leasing out goods, properly registering can protect your interest should any of your customers not pay or go broke.

Being registered can mean that you are first in line to get your goods or money back, instead of at the back of the line.

A retention of title clause (title remains with you until goods are paid for in full) in your contract or invoice, no longer protects you on its own.

The retention of title clause is unlikely to stack up against others when you need to rely on it.

Just to clarify, someone who has registered an interest is in front of you in the queue should your customer default or go broke. You need to make sure you back your contracts by registering your interest.

There is a small cost if you wish to check that goods you want to buy are likely to be free of financed debt, and safe from possible repossession.

The costs vary depending how long you wish to register for, you can register for the following time frames:
• Up to 7 years;
• up to 25 years; and
• For an indefinite period.

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