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CAPSULE CRM (Client Relationship Management) is the core of customer service and lead development. All client focused businesses should keep an opportunity pipeline and record of clients won/lost/developing. Capsule CRM is an application for exactly this. It makes keeping track of the people and companies you do business with, communications with them, anticipated revenue and new opportunities very simple.

Capsule CRM has massive scope for application integration with such big names as Xero, FreshBooks, MailChimp as well as Zapier which opens up many more doors. It has a great reporting function and the ability to tag your contacts which allows you to produce extremely accurate reports. There is a solid smart phone app to accompany the web browser app.

Capsule CRM allows you to forward client emails directly to the relevant contact which saves you searching through your emails for that important communication. You can also attach documentation to client contacts which reduces the risk of documents getting lost. Whilst we don’t believe it is yet an alternative for a more dedicated document/communication storage, it is a handy make-shift alternative.

Optima Audit has been using Capsule CRM for over 12 months and it is a core asset in our internal forecasting function. With over 514,000 users worldwide and at only $15 per month, per user (which includes 2GB storage per user, 50,000 contacts and unlimited opportunities) you can already see the benefits for using this application.


  • Simple to use
  • Extensive integration with other apps
  • Opportunity pipeline allows you to plan for the future
  • Great reporting functionality


  • Optima Audit has found that if you integrate with another application and create a contact, the contact is also created in Capsule CRM which creates double ups – but this is easily fixed



Price 4 stars
Integration 4 stars
Ease of use 5 stars
OVERALL  RATING  4 an half


Capsule CRM is our first pick for CRM applications. Not only is it a near perfect application, it is tremendously empowering for business to so easily see their opportunity pipeline.

Taylor Lynch



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