say no to life insurance heading,

Look your partner in the eye – right now – and tell them you don’t care what conditions they live in.

Seriously, look around your house and the life you have most likely built with your partner. Nice furnishings, dream house, great suburb? What were the things that were important when you built this life together?

Now imagine if something happens to you and you pass away. Can your partner afford to keep that house?

I dare you …. say no to life insurance and tell them that you don’t care how they live.

If I have a castle, I can tell you I foreclosure homedon’t want to downgrade to a tent. OK, so things aren’t likely to be THAT bad, but without life insurance there can be a need for major lifestyle changes, and the first of these is usually selling the family home. We have had clients that have had to drastically downsize due to affordability. Selling the family home can be traumatic after the loss of your partner. It’s disruptive for children that are involved and the market isn’t always favorable for selling. You can lose a lot more than just memories – you could lose a lot of money. Money that you need if you don’t have insurance.

Even if you can’t afford comprehensive insurance, you should at least make sure you have enough life insurance to pay out your mortgage in case one of you passes away. Secure the home, if nothing else. I bet you won’t tell your family they can live in a tent.

Shannon Bennett

Southern Cross Financial

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